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how'd bleeding knees club come to be. give us a birth story?

Me and Jordan have been friends since we were like 2 the I guess about a year ago we both didnt have jobs and were super bored so Jordan thought he would buy a crappy drum kit for $100 and set it up in his back shed and started jamming. Then one day Jordan was putting on an warehouse party at the Sunshine Coast and we decided we would play at it so we played 4 really shit songs,,,, then a few months later our instruments had crazy sex and we gave birth to 2 demos and thats when I guess everything started to happen.

what kind of music did you listen to growing up?

I think my first CD was the Men in Black sound track

your sound is relatively unique for an australian band. apart from the more obvious influences, bands like wavves and harlem, who else has impacted on your music?

Casey Donavan, Shannon Knoll, Guy Sebastian

was lo-fi a conscious decision from the start or just something that came as a natural progression from your garage sessions, to try and keep that raw/scrappy kind of vibe?

Yeah I guess, we wanted to sounds as shit and garage as we could.

you signed with i oh you earlier this year and just released your debut ep. what was the recording experience like?

It was real cool, We recorded at our friend Mark Duckworth's Studio, which is this little home made studio behind a sneaker shop. Mark is the raddest dude you will ever meet and he knew the kinda sound we were going for so it made it easy for us and we are super stoked on how the recordings came out.

how's the transition been from playing to crowds of mostly friends and casual one night stands on the gold coast to mostly strangers and potential one night stands in other cities?

Its been pretty cool so far. Most of the cities we have played at have liked us and I like playing to strangers more cause you never have to see them again and I guess the same goes with one night stands.

if you could name one song/musician/band that made you want to make music what/who would it be?

Casey Donavan

if you could name one song/musician/band that made you want to stop making music what/who would it be?

Mark Ronson - the bike song Worst song on the radio atm. I feel stupid when i ride my bike now

what are you listening to at the moment?

Total Slacker

what are some up and coming bands i should be listening to?

Bleeding Knees Club

bleeding knees club: is alex wall and jordan malane. is playing at the zoo this friday (5th november) with yacht club djs. tickets here.

buy the EP 'virginity' (itunes or jb hi-fi).
its heaps good.

check their myspace or da blog for more tour details.

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