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girl talk released his latest mix early last week. two years in the making. predictably awesome. predicatably summery and eclectic and happy and danceable and bliss and a must have. just about broke the internet with demand when it came out. head over to illegal art for the download. and get it as one seamless mp3. its better that way. sample list for this thing is about seven and a half pages long. for a 71 minute mix. everything from 50 cent to black sabbath. the clash to britney spears. i've had this mix on repeat at work. cause work is boring and this is not. my favourite girl talk album yet. maybe only cause its fresh. regardless 'all day' definately stacks up with gregg gillis' earlier efforts which were the fucking tits.

here's some tasters;

also, if you haven't already seen it this is definately worth a look, girl talk playing new years eve '09 in chicago. the man can do a live show. can do. catch part two and part three.

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she's a salvador immigrant, head through a thin wall.a frail hooker, holding her carnal walls.gleaming sky scraper bunker he looked down.laugh hysterically and then he spread around.on hoover street, then he must be alone.the precious little kid cashed the woes.salvadorian girl, she kind of made you spill.her brother mario got shot 4 times in da see poor mario, he caught a hot one. through the lung, now he's done so God bless the man.cocaine moved through that system, like a river forever the last party of the lower class.even distance, just a bunch of kids who don't wanna finish see the market place has changed the weight of the either get out and die or go to jail.and your best intentions splinter and frail.and a few weeks of promises and attempts to's a glass-pipe murder.oh yeah .glass-pipe's a glass-pipe murder.oh yeah!!! (oh yeah!!!)(oh yeah!!!)(oh yeah!!!)they kick a bottle of beer and a letter.simple things made mario feel see it falls on you and it falls on me.Self-annihilation, catastrophe .two packs of cigarettes for two dollars and seventy cents and a bottle of wine that's been opened and he said, "why do i do this?" a shiver through his body like a bottle of CC.not encouraging reality or me.he said, "It's who I am baby, back to it." off the deep end the record changed .you see, no one stood up and cheered for him .everyone sat down with something that happened.began... to's an old school dorm mystery.and the handcuffs bleed... it's a glass-pipe murder.oh yeah. glass-pipe murder. it's a glass-pipe murder. oh yeah!!! (oh yeah!!!) (oh yeah!!!) (oh yeah!!!) who was the killer?... it's in the....

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As I was in full and celestial flight of my mid-youth I heard a voice to say that it was my fate to lose all that I had made or won just to sink into an unforgiving grave.
I doubted this like any other rumour of youth and carried on so far above all others whom I now know dealt in death so poorly - all of them accepting the servitude and not the mastery of their own peril.
They were so convinced, in fact, that they would have me believe it too, to spread their wicked fates more thinly and thus less hard to bare and conspired, as plague, to rob me of my very life which was so bounteously alien to theirs.
Their phantom lies of life and death proposed so confidently sung -- a choir of idiots - handing out pilfered lessons from a cardboard box.
Live! Die! they wail, missing teeth.
I refuse to live your folded life and die in the flames of your own death because I do not accept them!
I am the master of my own creation.
I am my own crooked messiah; I have saved myself from simmering damnations in a sea of sodden fools and I do not reside above or below your conjured rivet-less stage.
I am too far away for that.
You are the string-less puppets of my own ordained screen and you are performing very well indeed. Play on! Play on! Touchstones, play on!

Have you seen the motorcar magazines?
If that is a metaphor then it is a sad one.
I will be a tyrant of my own proclamations and a pike-man at Bannockburn.
I will sell you jack rabbits a'shack Mississippi Moon sky plain full of night-less wonders.
Sweet tasting super juice among reeds and the skirt of a young banished girl flying wild in technicolour plumage high on a cool Delta red moon breeze.
The same brook breath that chimes in and wrestles with the branches of trees and the fur of prairie creatures.
The dust of the bedroom floor is the dust of the road too.
The wolf is a good friend and he travels too through the night.
Hiding in shadows of the faint moonlight spread like a quilt over the parched hot earth.
He is well adjusted to this world during which most are asleep and elsewhere; his soft pads caress sand and stone and fibre and his sobriety seeks and feels each thistle hair, each hidden player of the cricket choir, the course and the current of the wandering air and all others, the beetles hopscotch journey through hell; architect of sand like mountain boulders, and though he is not of man, he knows there is something lurking in the dark, some thing that makes him tread quickly over the open road and peering down a heavenly corridor of corn and suspect the worse, then spooked, moves on.
Stalked by some unknown enemy behind the darkness and beyond the light of red dawn.
With a single breath, he knows the majesty of our unreason.

The small Red Indian girl's neck and breast makes me swell with love, with night, with her grey brown ancestors.
I taste the pines and conifer needles beneath her skin, the icy spring and fresh pools full of glimmering trout.
If they do come looking, tell them this is where I lie.

And to those who are do not play at theatre; the malcontent, the malevolent, the mad.
I beseech you to toss off these tailored robes that fit your rounded shoulder too well and pick up your drum to beat out the sound of the death of everything before their vacant eyes.
Everything that is plain, that is grey must perish.
To make your humble creator proud that when you fell bloodline to the stars and inherited the sky, the earth and the heart of all that is that you sounded the first call to arms.
The call to bring on the death of everything so that we will no longer have to conjure our own illusive heavens.

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CHAD VALLEY - is the name of a uk toy brand. is also the name of hugo manuel's solo chillwave project. this stuff is bliss. way chill, jungle/beach hymns from oxford, uk. debut 12" comes out at the end of the month.
FFO: we say bamboulee, star slinger

TEEN DAZE - washy dream pop/chillwave from canada. debut 'four more years' came out in july. posted some of his other tracks back in august here. 'everywhere' is off the 'cold house b/w everywhere' digital 7" he did last month.
FFO: blackbird blackbird, unouomedude
HOMEBOI - 20 year old marcin sleziona of germany. got a bit of a posse going with the likes of nautic (16 years old, 'get satisfied' and his 'shrimps' remix are definately worth a look) and ohyeah. shrimps is a fucking tune, such an epic beat. been playing this song on repeat on my way home from work for the last two weeks.
FFO: seekae, darkstar

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photo courtesy of

i get a really joy division/velvet underground vibe when i listen to your songs. are they big influences on your music?

Totally. VU probably more than Joy Division, despite the obvious Manchester connections. I am a massive Nico fan. Chelsea Girl is one of my favourite ever albums, so beautiful. I love the first VU album too, and Loaded. They were ahead of their time, and obviously completely experimental, but underneath all that was always great songs. Some dark but some amazingly beautiful, like Femme Fatale. I love the whole scene thing too. I think there are definite parallels to be drawn between Warhols Factory scene and Tony Wilsons here in Manchester.
Its hard to escape the Joy Division comparisons, living here;- i love She's Lost Control and Transmission. Dark and desperate, but poetic too.
I think the main thing you realise living here for a while, is despite all the backstory and subsequent legacy, those guys were just 4 lads in a room, being a band. I think the similarities in our sound come more from just living in the same rainy city, and feeding off the architecture and the landscape.

manchester's association with music goes back a long way, and there's been some great stuff coming out of the city recently. does being surrounded by so much music feed your creativity, or does it feel like it makes it hard to get into your own headspace and be original?

A bit of both i suppose. Sometimes its suffocating, and can make you think 'oh i should be sounding like this' but you see things come and go and slowly begin to realise its all completely inconsequential. What works in the moment isn't something that can be dictated.
Plus it always great when someone local does something epic and blows your mind all over again. It's inspiring.

your myspace lists quite a few authors as influences (hunter s thomson, f scott fitzgerald, william s burroughs) is lyricism very important to you in your song writing?

Yeah - but not just in my songs and poems, more in my life in general. As you get older you realise everyone is on this planet for the first time, experiencing it for the first time, unaware of what may happen. I believe the only way to learn is to read what those who've been before have said. It can only do you good. Reading is something that is very personal too. Its the only medium that has transcended all generations without much technological interference. Its totally based on the power of the imagination of the individual. Its pretty powerful. I don't necessarily try and reference it in my songs on purpose, just hope that some of it seeps in the style and essence of what i'm doing.

and is writing something that comes naturally to you, or is it a laboured process?

Peaks and troughs. I think it is natural, but its easy to get lazy, plus the environment has to be right. Obviously i have periods of blankness, but i think everyone does. I'm not one of those people though who can be like 'right today i'm going to write a song'.. It doesn't really work like that..(for me).

you've done some stuff with holiday records. how was it working with those guys?

Really good. I started speaking to Jacob (The Drums) when i was going through a pretty dark period of my life, recovering from a car accident, i couldn't walk for 6 months, and that was actually when i wrote and recorded most of the album.
Someone saying they like your music is always complimentary, which gives u confidence and makes you feel like someone, somewhere likes what you are doing. Its also good to know there are still people like that that exist, genuine music lovers that do stuff for the love of doing it. As well as similar tastes we have similar DIY style ethics, and obviously because of the press attention they were getting, it shone a bit of light on me. Great guys.

what kind of music did you listen to growing up?

Pretty much only Michael Jackson until i was about 14. I was obsessed, still am. I loved the whole pop star thing as a concept, as a life. Aside from that The Beatles, a lot of Motown, a lot of Lovers Rock stuff my Mum played growing up in London, and a lot of 60s stuff, the girl groups (Shirelles, Ronettes, Shangri-Las).. it wasn't really until i was about 16 when i discovered the guitar that i started to like indie.

first album you bought?

Michael Jackson - Off The Wall.

if you could name one song/band/musician that made you want to make music who/what would it be?

Michael Jackson.

if you could name one song/band/musician that made you want to stop making music who/what would it be?

No one really - i don't think its really possible to switch it off.
If anything, the only thing makes me want to stop making music is those that are so good you kinda think, 'whats the point? i'll never reach those heights' aka Radiohead. But you soon realise there's a place for everything.

what are you listening to at the moment?

Still Corners, Cloud Nothings, 2.54, Warpaint, Boxed In.. A lot of new bands.

band i haven't heard that i should know?

Shimmering Stars. (myspace/starsshimmer)

website you spend way to much time on?


what does the next 12 months hold for golden glow?

We have a vinyl coming out in January on Bleeding Gold Records called 'Tender Is The Night'. Very limited, 300 copies, 12-inch gold vinyl. 10-tracks all composed, performed and produced by myself. Dead lo-fi, kinda a collection of all my demos and previous EPs so far in one cohesive package. I can't wait. After that we'll see what happens, the band is going good so I imagine it'll start getting a bit more collaborative.

golden glow is. pierre hall. is great. myspace here.

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Latest tracks by Bleeding Knees Club

how'd bleeding knees club come to be. give us a birth story?

Me and Jordan have been friends since we were like 2 the I guess about a year ago we both didnt have jobs and were super bored so Jordan thought he would buy a crappy drum kit for $100 and set it up in his back shed and started jamming. Then one day Jordan was putting on an warehouse party at the Sunshine Coast and we decided we would play at it so we played 4 really shit songs,,,, then a few months later our instruments had crazy sex and we gave birth to 2 demos and thats when I guess everything started to happen.

what kind of music did you listen to growing up?

I think my first CD was the Men in Black sound track

your sound is relatively unique for an australian band. apart from the more obvious influences, bands like wavves and harlem, who else has impacted on your music?

Casey Donavan, Shannon Knoll, Guy Sebastian

was lo-fi a conscious decision from the start or just something that came as a natural progression from your garage sessions, to try and keep that raw/scrappy kind of vibe?

Yeah I guess, we wanted to sounds as shit and garage as we could.

you signed with i oh you earlier this year and just released your debut ep. what was the recording experience like?

It was real cool, We recorded at our friend Mark Duckworth's Studio, which is this little home made studio behind a sneaker shop. Mark is the raddest dude you will ever meet and he knew the kinda sound we were going for so it made it easy for us and we are super stoked on how the recordings came out.

how's the transition been from playing to crowds of mostly friends and casual one night stands on the gold coast to mostly strangers and potential one night stands in other cities?

Its been pretty cool so far. Most of the cities we have played at have liked us and I like playing to strangers more cause you never have to see them again and I guess the same goes with one night stands.

if you could name one song/musician/band that made you want to make music what/who would it be?

Casey Donavan

if you could name one song/musician/band that made you want to stop making music what/who would it be?

Mark Ronson - the bike song Worst song on the radio atm. I feel stupid when i ride my bike now

what are you listening to at the moment?

Total Slacker

what are some up and coming bands i should be listening to?

Bleeding Knees Club

bleeding knees club: is alex wall and jordan malane. is playing at the zoo this friday (5th november) with yacht club djs. tickets here.

buy the EP 'virginity' (itunes or jb hi-fi).
its heaps good.

check their myspace or da blog for more tour details.

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