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so here's the interview with the boys from tin can radio that was promised a little while ago
First up guys i'll just say we love your music here at BvD. So great to have such a good music scene in our fair city.

You all seem to have a few projects on the go at once, do you find that helps keep you inspired and energized?

Yeah our side-projects span from soul/funk to Glitch/IDM… It keeps the music fresh and helps as an extra outlet for our love for mixed genre music and our search for new and exciting music. Plus it helps to have amazing musicians up our sleaves, with favours to repay ;) Both Jack and Tom play with the staggering talent that is “Georgia Potter”, track her down at and also on her east coast tour at the minute dates can be found on zee myspaf Another side project is one for the electronic panda inside “Inspired Insomniac” this is my out-let for basically every emotion from, speedblastering rage to procrastinating moth-sex-beats to make you melt and disappear into another realm where anything is possible and no rules exsist. Well anyway that was what I was going for anyways. Check One Love.

You've also garnered yourself a reputation as one of Brisbane's most electrifying live acts. Is that something you strive towards or does it just come out when you get on stage?

We defiantly try and add energy to our tracks as much as possible as we all feel the mutual love for songs that makes you uncontrollably feel the need to dance and or pee/jizz in your pants. But when we are on stage there is defiantly an extra level of energy humming between us so to engage the audience as much as possible. And when we get a response it gives meaning to why we are there. Sit back and enjoy the adventure. Tin Can Radio awaaay!

We heard some new songs from you at fasterlouder's birthday bash, what's the story behind them?

The two new songs that we played are momentarily called "Hot Trash" and " You Ate My Last Crayola". We wrote these when we went on our 'new sound' quest to a family friends property in Springbrook. We set up on the top of the mountains and played to the horizon and out they came, "Hot Trash" was basically how we were all feeling at the time on the peek looking out, as we were playing in glee, undercover in the misty rain overseeing the world. "You Ate My Last Crayola" is roughly about the perils of monotonous daytime jobs; mainly a recent job where my boss wore way, way, too much make-up and consequently looked like she had been eaten crayons secretly throughout day. Also our outro smasher is called "Pants Osmosis"... no story, just a slap in the face before we tuck you in for the night.

Do you all have a hand in the song writing process? and would you ever consider doing a cover?

Yes we all add ingredients to the mixing bowl in the song writing process, it usually starts with a riff then we bounce them around the room a bit and try and soak in influences from every aspect of life, whether it be erections on a bus or watching a seagull raping a pigeon.

We have never ruled out the idea of a cover track I just don’t think we have found one that could stick. We used to play a funk version of “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” but kinda got faded out of the set-list, maybe one day we will revive it for a good cause. Also we are currently in the process of covering a couple of songs, but that’s top secret, you have to wait to find out won’t you.

You also mentioned the possibility of an Australian tour, any news on that?

We're booking a Melbourne/Sydney tour at the moment for Febuary. it's such hard-yakka. Making calls, schmoozing emails, something that definately does not come naturally to me.. But we will be in Melbourne from the 4th-17 and Sydney from 17-28th stay tuned for details + supports.

What's the story behind the hats?
Ahh, da hats... soo many hats. One for each of the heads. I love them so, I can't go een to de-detail.

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