girl talk released his latest mix early last week. two years in the making. predictably awesome. predicatably summery and eclectic and happy and danceable and bliss and a must have. just about broke the internet with demand when it came out. head over to illegal art for the download. and get it as one seamless mp3. its better that way. sample list for this thing is about seven and a half pages long. for a 71 minute mix. everything from 50 cent to black sabbath. the clash to britney spears. i've had this mix on repeat at work. cause work is boring and this is not. my favourite girl talk album yet. maybe only cause its fresh. regardless 'all day' definately stacks up with gregg gillis' earlier efforts which were the fucking tits.

here's some tasters;

also, if you haven't already seen it this is definately worth a look, girl talk playing new years eve '09 in chicago. the man can do a live show. can do. catch part two and part three.

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