she's a salvador immigrant, head through a thin wall.a frail hooker, holding her carnal walls.gleaming sky scraper bunker he looked down.laugh hysterically and then he spread around.on hoover street, then he must be alone.the precious little kid cashed the woes.salvadorian girl, she kind of made you spill.her brother mario got shot 4 times in da see poor mario, he caught a hot one. through the lung, now he's done so God bless the man.cocaine moved through that system, like a river forever the last party of the lower class.even distance, just a bunch of kids who don't wanna finish see the market place has changed the weight of the either get out and die or go to jail.and your best intentions splinter and frail.and a few weeks of promises and attempts to's a glass-pipe murder.oh yeah .glass-pipe's a glass-pipe murder.oh yeah!!! (oh yeah!!!)(oh yeah!!!)(oh yeah!!!)they kick a bottle of beer and a letter.simple things made mario feel see it falls on you and it falls on me.Self-annihilation, catastrophe .two packs of cigarettes for two dollars and seventy cents and a bottle of wine that's been opened and he said, "why do i do this?" a shiver through his body like a bottle of CC.not encouraging reality or me.he said, "It's who I am baby, back to it." off the deep end the record changed .you see, no one stood up and cheered for him .everyone sat down with something that happened.began... to's an old school dorm mystery.and the handcuffs bleed... it's a glass-pipe murder.oh yeah. glass-pipe murder. it's a glass-pipe murder. oh yeah!!! (oh yeah!!!) (oh yeah!!!) (oh yeah!!!) who was the killer?... it's in the....

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