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Have you ever seen someone peacefully dozing in the morning light? The sun is rising and the birds are singing and they look so wonderfully serene. In that moment you can believe in a higher being, you can believe in love and fairy tales and innocence and peace. In that moment everything is achievable and everything is real, and the tooth fairy doesn’t seem so far-fetched. And then they start to wake, almost always with a smile, almost never in a rush, almost perfect, these moments are. Have you seen the sunset? The fragmented blues and reds and purples, and the warmth that courses through you, and now suddenly the dread, you see that magnificent luminous ball, see it dip and hurry beneath the horizon. How beautiful the scene. How nice to you. How nice to me. Have you witnessed this splendour? And when you witnessed it did you seek answers? Or did you find them? I believe in the absolute wonder of the every day. I believe that knowledge has saved and ruined us. I understand the need for an explanation and I question the value of a scientific one. I want for everything and I know that that means I really want for nothing. I believe that ignorance is bliss, and that bliss ignorance is an ideal condition, because nobody wants to know the truth about everything. I believe that truth is relative and that lies are sometimes more honest than facts. I believe in magic and deception and I believe that one day a lie will be told that is so profound it will bring the whole world to tears. I believe in a higher truth, I believe that nothing is real and everything is imagined and that the ultimate honesty lies in our mistakes. I believe in opening your eyes, to see. See the mountains and valleys of virtuous nature, and the perfect grandeur of an uninterrupted skyline, see snow falling through windows and the sun set over the ocean, see fog veil the early morning light. See you. See me. See the furious glory of a shared yearning, a yearning to be free, free of plans and goals and rules and structures, limitations all, limitations of the mind and spirit. Have you felt that harsh grip of the shackles that bind us? That blind us?

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