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this party should be immense

i oh you
i oh you brisbane

bleeding knees club
big fan of these guys. they're touring with yacht club djs in oct/nov


comic sans

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.any excuse for a party.

brisbane festival

arts festival kicking off with riverfire on the 4th, and running till the 25th of september, with theatre, dance, music, visual displays and talks. first aid kit, oh mercy, old man river, paul dempsey, the gin club + many more will be performing.

big sound 2010

this is such a great initiative. it's a music industry summit and showcase running from the 8th-10th of september. six venues (including two outdoor stages) hosting 60 great artists over two nights (wednesday 8th and thursday 9th). tickets for one night (30 acts) are only $27.50+bf with a two night pass costing $44+bf. Venues include the brisbane marketing stage bakery lane, ric's bar, the artisan gallery stage, the club house @ tempo hotel, the troubadour, and the zoo.

this is just some of the lineup;

ball park music
big scary
boy & bear
children collide
daniel lee kendall
ernest ellis
jinja safari
last dinosaurs
love connection
ruby frost
the naked & famous
the vasco era

the valley fiesta:
is a not for profit, free, brisbane street party running from friday 10th-sunday 12th of september. music, art, food , fashion all on show in brisbane's own fortitude valley. dan parsons, the love connection, ball park music, jinja safari, tom thum, last dinosaurs, and yacht club djs will be there. check the program here.


...some relevant music

first aid kit - heavy storm.mp3

oh mercy - lay everything on me.mp3

big scary - autumn.mp3

boy & bear - mexican mavis.mp3

daniel lee kendall - lost in the moment.mp3

ernest ellis - when i feel like jesus' son the world will feel much different.mp3

jinja safari - peter pan.mp3

the naked & famous - young blood.mp3

washington - rich kids.mp3

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a little or a lot

cee-lo green - cee-lo fucking bleeeds r&b. have so much respect for how he's brought funk and soul back into the mainstream. whether it's through his work with gnarles barkley or other collaborators or in his solo work he makes a great genre relevant to a whole generation that it could've been lost to. his new solo album 'the lady killer' is due later this year

dan black -
great hip/hop influenced electro-pop. he'll be out here for parklife. these tunes are off his 'weird science' mixtape. debut album 'UN' is out now.

daniel lee kendall - is from central coast, nsw. these are really great pop songs. sounds like a little bit of jonathan boulet, little bit of whitley and alot of daniel lee kendall. he's in brisbane for big sound in september. check his unearthed page for free downloads and show your support.

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hip hop is a state of mind

this guy's a fucking brilliant artist

PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy @ Vincent Michael Gallery Time-Lapse from PaperMonster on Vimeo.


now for some hip hop.

my sick uncle - lil wayne Vs (500) days of summer OST = (500) days of weezy. a mixtape of acapella weezy over samples built from the (500) days of summer soundtrack. verse like...

'she pulled me over... pulled me out the rover
then she pulled me closer... do me in the back of the car
Put me in handcuffs start ripping my pants off'

...over regina spektor's 'us' should sound like sacrilege. but it doesn't. it sounds great. get the full mixtape here.

hoodie allen - new york based rapper doing what chiddy bang did so well last year. takes hooky indie tunes, mixes, layers with verse, and produces good summertime hip hop.

mouth's cradle - solid summery mix of hip hop, pop and electronica. facebook bio;

'Kevin Hegedus made music with his body ... Brandon Linn made mashups... they met at a party...they formed Mouth's Cradle and havent made a weak beat since.'
k.flay - according to her...

'i currently live in san francisco, hobnobbing with lunatics and writing music. i’ve played shows all over the country with a bunch of different artists. this past fall, i wrote, produced, and recorded a non-edible mixtape called MASHed Potatoes. if you were to put hip hop, indie rock, and electronic music in a blender, it would sound like me.'

isaiah and hovey -richmond, VA based duo isiah clements (rapper) and hovey benjamin (producer) released their debut 'dante's love inferno machine' in may.

binary star - alt hip/hop group formed in '98 composed of pontiac, michigan rappers one be lo and senim silla. their debut album 'waterworld' which was recorded, mixed and mastered on a $500 budget. all verses were recorded in one take.

honest expression.mp3
reality check.mp3

also, i finished reading dave eggers's 'a heartbreaking work of staggering genius' this morning. phenomenal. he writes so vibrantly, so real, so inclusively that it's hard not become emotionally invested in even his most trivial thoughts and actions. and it's the understated moments that cut deepest, his anger and almost innocent hope, and always that underlying fury, feeding him, polarising his opinions. his work is heartbreaking and staggering and genius. it's so good, i mean so fucking good. you have to read it. you must. you owe it to yourself and to the author. he is owed.

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we are young and stupid

imagine a world without terror and pain where it's always sunny no thunder no rain where dreams are reality and they always come true where everyone's happy and they all smile at you where the colours are bright and the people are nice where it's always easy no roll of the dice no greed or possession money doesn't exist no lust or temptation to try and resist a world full of love and beauty and peace where the hating would stop and the wars would cease where the animals play and the people don't lie where the flowers don't wilt and the children don't cry imagine this world imagine the bliss imagine the pain and the sorrow you'd miss

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up, down, top, bottom, strange, charm

whitley - more than life.m4a
brilliant at splendour in the grass, he played a great set mixing solo renditions of tracks from his debut release 'the submarine' and full band efforts for 2009's 'go forth, find mammoth'. this track was a favourite.

justin vernon - sides.mp3
this man a god. every single song he writes or performs is magic. this is no exception.

corte real - siberia.mp3
young. french. and awesome.

tokyo police club -favourite food.mp3
i used to listen to these guys so much a few years ago and i'm just rediscovering them. this song's off their 2010 release 'champ'.

the drums - i'll never frop my sword.mp3
played a solid set at splendour. i love how melancholy most of their songs are, especially compared to 'let's go surfing' the song that got them so much attention in the beginning.

radical face - welcome home.mp3
i know nothing about this guy except that he is brilliant.

the cranberries - dreams.mp3
fell in love with the cranberries all over again when passion pit covered this song at splendour.

error operator - follow.mp3
the vocals make this track. its taken from the film 'network'. check the speech here.

passion pit
- dreams (the cranberries cover).mp3
undoubtedly the highlight of splendour in the grass 2010. passion pit were outstanding, so much energy in the crowd and the band looked as though they were having fun. this cover live was incredible.

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fields of splendour

got back from splendour in the grass on monday. so scattered i couldn't talk and so fucking hungry, so hungry.

but what a festival. what a festival site.

here's some highlights;

1. passion pit launching into a brilliant cover of the cranberries 'dreams' (i'll post it later)

2. the guy standing, stark naked, on another man's shoulders, in the mosh for florence and the machine

3. yacht club dj's incorporating the roger ramjet theme song into an epic set

4. the MOST excellant ampitheatre stage. a beautiful natural arena.

5. hot showers at the reserve campsite

6. delphic's set

7. frightened rabbit doing a brilliant rendition of 'my backwards walk'

8. the whole of boy & bear, two members of passion pit and julia stone joining mumford & sons onstage for a raucus hoedown

9. whitley's entire set, which included a cover of 'dancing queen'

10. the joy formidable set

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