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You ever worry that  there's no right or wrong? That everything in the world is simply a matter of perspective? That one small step for man is one giant earthquake for ant? That who the 'terrorists' are is mostly dependent on religion and culture? Or that the hydrogen bomb is effectively a star because both are simply a manifestation of the energy produced by thermonuclear fusion? You ever have one of those days you just don't want to get out of bed? The day starts as a struggle and it doesn't get any easier and you sit down in the evening and wonder where it all went so wrong, wonder over the things you've done. You look into the night sky and you think to yourself how none of it really matters, and how everyone will forget about it tomorrow. How soon it will be a vague and distant memory, how this too must surely pass. But the truth is right in front of you because you're looking at sparks of light remnant from stars, some of which were born and burned and died, exploding and collapsing many many years ago, and the light is only reaching you now. You're looking at those stars and they're saying you don't know it yet but in time you'll come to see it. That everything comes and goes but nothing fades. That everything leaves its mark. You're looking up thinking nothing matters but the truth is in the stars, you're just blinded by the beauty, because if you're far enough away even a nuclear explosion looks wonderful. Because everything is just as you feared. Everything is simply a matter of perspective. There is no right or wrong.

Vacationer - Trip (MMOTHS remix).mp3

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