hip hop is a state of mind

this guy's a fucking brilliant artist

PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy @ Vincent Michael Gallery Time-Lapse from PaperMonster on Vimeo.


now for some hip hop.

my sick uncle - lil wayne Vs (500) days of summer OST = (500) days of weezy. a mixtape of acapella weezy over samples built from the (500) days of summer soundtrack. verse like...

'she pulled me over... pulled me out the rover
then she pulled me closer... do me in the back of the car
Put me in handcuffs start ripping my pants off'

...over regina spektor's 'us' should sound like sacrilege. but it doesn't. it sounds great. get the full mixtape here.

hoodie allen - new york based rapper doing what chiddy bang did so well last year. takes hooky indie tunes, mixes, layers with verse, and produces good summertime hip hop.

mouth's cradle - solid summery mix of hip hop, pop and electronica. facebook bio;

'Kevin Hegedus made music with his body ... Brandon Linn made mashups... they met at a party...they formed Mouth's Cradle and havent made a weak beat since.'
k.flay - according to her...

'i currently live in san francisco, hobnobbing with lunatics and writing music. i’ve played shows all over the country with a bunch of different artists. this past fall, i wrote, produced, and recorded a non-edible mixtape called MASHed Potatoes. if you were to put hip hop, indie rock, and electronic music in a blender, it would sound like me.'

isaiah and hovey -richmond, VA based duo isiah clements (rapper) and hovey benjamin (producer) released their debut 'dante's love inferno machine' in may.

binary star - alt hip/hop group formed in '98 composed of pontiac, michigan rappers one be lo and senim silla. their debut album 'waterworld' which was recorded, mixed and mastered on a $500 budget. all verses were recorded in one take.

honest expression.mp3
reality check.mp3

also, i finished reading dave eggers's 'a heartbreaking work of staggering genius' this morning. phenomenal. he writes so vibrantly, so real, so inclusively that it's hard not become emotionally invested in even his most trivial thoughts and actions. and it's the understated moments that cut deepest, his anger and almost innocent hope, and always that underlying fury, feeding him, polarising his opinions. his work is heartbreaking and staggering and genius. it's so good, i mean so fucking good. you have to read it. you must. you owe it to yourself and to the author. he is owed.

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