up, down, top, bottom, strange, charm

whitley - more than life.m4a
brilliant at splendour in the grass, he played a great set mixing solo renditions of tracks from his debut release 'the submarine' and full band efforts for 2009's 'go forth, find mammoth'. this track was a favourite.

justin vernon - sides.mp3
this man a god. every single song he writes or performs is magic. this is no exception.

corte real - siberia.mp3
young. french. and awesome.

tokyo police club -favourite food.mp3
i used to listen to these guys so much a few years ago and i'm just rediscovering them. this song's off their 2010 release 'champ'.

the drums - i'll never frop my sword.mp3
played a solid set at splendour. i love how melancholy most of their songs are, especially compared to 'let's go surfing' the song that got them so much attention in the beginning.

radical face - welcome home.mp3
i know nothing about this guy except that he is brilliant.

the cranberries - dreams.mp3
fell in love with the cranberries all over again when passion pit covered this song at splendour.

error operator - follow.mp3
the vocals make this track. its taken from the film 'network'. check the speech here.

passion pit
- dreams (the cranberries cover).mp3
undoubtedly the highlight of splendour in the grass 2010. passion pit were outstanding, so much energy in the crowd and the band looked as though they were having fun. this cover live was incredible.

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