GOBBLE GOBBLE - hectic. like aural strobes hectic. like, fuck...heart attack glitches 'n business. like a hailstorm, except instead of hail stones its sparks falling from the heavens.

like a sparkstorm.

and all the electrical devices are going nuts and doc emmett brown's delorean is playing up cos the sparkstorm is affecting the plutonium so he can't go back to the future to realign the space time continuum and tv screens are all black and white ants and the children are screaming SCREAMING because their playstations and xboxes arent working anymore and someone somewhere is crying curled up on the floor cos they went to go on facebook but their computer was fried just like the chicken they used to buy from kfc before they went bust cos they couldn't refridgerate their produce due to the FUCKING SPARKSTORM THAT GOBBLE GOBBLE CAUSED WITH THEIR FUCKING EPILEPTIC MUSIC.

but honestly i kind of love this music and i definately exaggerated how hectic it is.
a bit. it sounds like a mixture of teen daze and dan friel.

SEEKAE - sydney three-piece. ambient shoegazy goodness. playing the zoo with cloud control and deep sea arcade on friday 22nd of october (tickets), and then back in brisneyland again on monday 6th of december supporting broadcast at the hi-fi (tickets).

WISE BLOOD - know nothing about this dude...so i'll make something up. real name hugo montiel. 19 year old born and raised in montreal to a protestant mother and a journalist father. began his musical career after encouragement from his biological father moby. get the 5-track ep '+' at his bandcamp. its superb.

JAMIE (FROM THE XX) - (curly haired dude that does all their remixes and production) premiered this on xfm recently. its part of an as yet unnamed solo project and its the fucking tits.

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