SIRIUSMO - moritz friedrich. frequent modeselektor collaborator who refuses to perform live except for family birthdays. is a berlin based artist (paintings, illustrations, graffiti). signed to monkeytown records. latest release 'the plasterer of love' EP came out in july. is great. song title 'einmal in der woche schreien' translates to 'cry once a week' or something similar.
FFO: mr oizo, das glow

BAHWEE - californian beat-maker. part of the my hollow drum collective. 'flavours' is his beattape. you can get it here. great hip/hop beats.
FFO: flying lotus, dimlite

: electronic/dubstep producer from london. only 21 years old he's already got four solid realeases behind him. the latest being the 'klavierwerke' EP, which came out earlier this month. he's got a recognizable style and i'm predicting some great, progressive releases from this guy in future.
FFO: mount kimbie, deadboy
YOUNG MONTANA: jon pritchard of coventry, uk. instrumental beats with a hip/hop sampling bent. if you haven't seen the video for sacre cool yet you need to watch it. check out his fader interview too.
FFO: star slinger, madlib
HARD MIX: loungey lo-fi electronica laden with diverse samples. he's with the heart music group check out 'the tribe' EP they dropped the other day featuring COOL RUNNINGS, baths, fol chen, baths, wise blood and star slinger. up for free download at bandcamp.
FFO: teen daze, blackbird blackbird

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