what you focus on gets bigger

lemonade - coco rosie
(i fucking heart coco rosie)

simple graces - delorean

bless the waves - the deer tracks
(sound kinda like imogen heap, yeah?)

b - iamamiwhoami

flight of the feathered serpent - fuck buttons
(epic noise)

tonight's hero - futurecop!
(posted their transformers track a while ago)

beyond fantasy - pictureplane
(pictureplane is always a win)

material things - jake troth
(MP3 Removed)
Watch Official Video Here

bitches - l'homme run
('so there we was, me and bitches'.best lyrics?...i think so)

colours - group
(neon gold gave these guys a big rap)

funeral song - minks
(suspiciously cure-esque)

flashes - spirit spine
(19 y.o.)

control - nottee
(swedish pop)

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